The sheer fabrics are being used for complete garments such as dresses, blouses, kaftans, skirts and even trousers. Most are lined or part-lined with an opaque fabric in a similar or complementary colour to protect your modesty – if not, simply layer your sheer over another garment (e.g. a sheer blouse over a silk camisole or a sheer kaftan over a T-shirt) for the latest look.

If a totally sheer look is not for you, follow the trend with garments displaying see-through accents in strategic places. A tunic or dress, for example, with sheer, transparent sleeves is a great way to achieve a cool, summery look without displaying fuller, upper arms. Similarly, a skirt with a sheer panel at the hemline is a great way to wear a ‘short’ skirt without displaying problem knees. A sheer kaftan over a dark swimsuit or bikini is a very fashionable look for a fuller-figured woman on the beach.

As they are more difficult to wear than sheers, shiny fabrics must be considered with care! If you are lucky enough to possess a slender, model-like figure, a garment made-up of entirely shiny fabric – a trench-coat, a prom-dress, a jumpsuit – will look fantastic. If, however, you are more fuller-figured, remember that the shiny fabric will show up every lump and bump and even make you look a size or two bigger! If that’s the case, it’s best to restrict the shiny fabrics to details – satin trims, bows, lapels etc – or simply decide to select your outfit in a matt fabric and add shiny jewellery, a patent bag and satin shoes.

There is something for everyone on the colour palette for Spring/Summer 09. From the palest nudes and pastels, through the graphic neutrals of black and white to the rich, vibrant hues of sapphire, scarlet, purple and orange. Many of the catwalk shows displayed their sheer and shiny garments in the soft, neutral shades of beige, cream and caramel – yet livened up this look with colourful scarves, bangles and sky-high heels. A purple bag or a huge, orange dress-ring can bring your look bang up to date without breaking the bank.


Finally, the hottest look for the season is, in fact, to combine your sheer and shine garments together – just remember to put the shine on your best assets (!) and then finish off the look with an array of bright accessories.

Must-Have Garments:
• Strappy Dresses
• Sheer Blouses/Sleeves
• Kaftans
• Wide Pants
• Skinny Pants
• Harem Pants
• Knee-length Pants
• Silky Trenchcoats
• Jumpsuits
• Lacey Tops/Camisoles
• Mini-skirts (Straight)
• Wide Skirts (Knee-length)

Must-Have Accessories:
• Statement Earrings
• Large Cuff Bangles
• Wide Belts
• Platform Shoes
• Ankle-Strap Shoes
• Sequined Berets
• Oversized Rings
• Large Tote bags
• Moc-Croc Handbags
• Coloured Bags
• Fringed Bags
• Long, Thin Clutches
• Trilby Hats
• Resin Jewellery